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LapTime - Software Timing

Now is the tool you have been waiting. Fully developed to meet the needs of both small as major racetracks.


The LapTime is a tool for use on racetracks and keen timing manage data efficiently, modern and smart.


Increase the level of service quality to its customers. Modernize up and get access to the tool that came to revolutionize the market competition.


Promote professional reports with the overall result and turns, sending them directly to e-mail Competitive.


Provide the ranking of the fastest competitors directly on the web.


Display data updated every participant registry back on TV, Big screen and live online using the LiveTime system.

Follow through visual and audible signals, passing each sensor.

The Sisecom, founded in 2003, specializes in developing system "Client-Server" and "Web", always seeks to provide the market quality solutions in IT for business administration, seeks the satisfaction of customers and employees, with ideas innovative and aims at evolving and growing, featuring Sisecom a company that knows how to learn and which accompanies the continuous technological changes required by the market.

 We place the clients and their needs as the main priority of our activity. This and only this allows us to hold the respect and confidence of our customers. Therefore, we have a close relationship and direct contact between leaders, customers and employees.



Some Resources

Ranking Online
The end of each race the system publishes directly on the site, the monthly ranking of the 10 fastest competitors separated by category and track.

Report by email
Send to competitors the outcome of the race with just one click.

TV and Electronic Scoreboard
Allows disclose results to each record back in both the TV and electronic scoreboard CalProducts.

Back to Back Online (LiveTime)
Provide to your customers the online tracking, back to back races at runtime.

Results by category
Professional presentation and personalized with your logo on the official results report separated by category.

Import / Export data Competitors
Import / Export data from competitors in 3 clicks.

Sound and Visual Tracking the movement of sensors
Each pass of the sensor system emits a beep and can be turned on / off, to facilitate the passage of tracking sensors, displays and graphics signals for monitoring the passages of the contestants.

LapTime - Sistema de Cronometragem

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